Getting Our Spring Break On

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m on Spring Break.  It’s because I don’t teach PE on Thursdays and Fridays, so my vacation time begins before the full-time teachers and students reap the benefits of a week off of school.

This is one of the times during the year that I’m very UNPOPULAR at our school.

Christmas Break and Summer Vacation are the other two times, because I usually start them early, too.

I’m going to try very hard not to send a text message to my teacher friends tomorrow morning and say, “Hey… Do you want to meet at Starbucks?  Oh.  Wait.  You’re still teaching for two more days.  Sorry.  I guess I’ll just put some flip-flops on and go get a chai latte without you, since I’m already on break…”


Small Town, USA is gearing up for Spring Break, which officially begins for the boy at 3:30 on Friday.  I know that we have friends who will be blogging snapshots of their families at Disneyland and on the beach, sitting next to tiki torches and holding half of a coconut with a paper umbrella hanging out of it.  I don’t want to stir up jealousies, but our family will be posting pictures of naps on the sofa and someone bent over the toilet, with sweat on her brow and a scrub brush in her hand, as she tries to bring the mildew down to a respectable level.

We live such a glamorous lifestyle, people actually want to be us.

Which… speaking of glamorous lifestyles… let’s talk about my little cousin, E.  E is young and vibrant and outgoing and wonderful and full of joy.  She’s cute as a button.  She loves Jesus, and she’s sweeter than any other young, college-aged girl that I know.

(Except E’s sister is powerfully adorable and sweet, too, and she’s a college girl, as well.  She paints fantastic pictures and makes the boy envious over all the different golf courses she’s been on, what with her being on a golf scholarship and all.  The boy wants to caddy for E’s younger sister, J, while she teaches him the finer points of the game.)

My little cousin E is a nanny for a family in one of the biggest cities in America.  They don’t stay home in the penthouse for Spring Break.  They tend to go places where the water is blue and the sand is warm, because PRIVATE YACHT, y’all.  And my little cousin E posts snapshots on Facebook of herself and the kiddos sliding off of the giant slide from the yacht, into the crystal clear water of some tropical bit of ocean, while she writes out,  “Just another day at work.”

Not that I’m jealous, or anything, because I’m looking forward to having crystal clear water in my toilet bowl once again, after I finally take the time to scrub it up during Spring Break ’14.

Also, E tends to put snapshots like THIS on her Facebook page for me to see:


I know!!!!  Right????!!!  What the stinking heck?!!!

That’s the adorable E in that snapshot, and she JUST HAPPENED to bump into Modern Family’s Mitchell at some posh place in the city.  And what did she do?  Well, E took a selfie with a genuine movie star.


I think it’s because the family that E nannies for tends to eat at high class establishments that are actually frequented by movie stars, while Hubs and the boys and I tend to eat at restaurants that are frequented by a red-headed clown, who asks us if our French fries are hot enough, or if we’d like them shoved back under the warming light for a few minutes.  So… unless Mitchell shows up for a double quarter pounder, hold the mayo, I doubt that I’ll ever get to run into him.

Plus, E smacked these words on Facebook a couple of days ago, while she was “working” on a ski vacation, that involved big hills and powdery snow and big, blue skies.  “Gisele Bundchen and Warren Miller are our neighbors here?  Shut the door, and let’s go make friends!”

(Which totally makes me want to use the phrase “Shut the door” now, because I want to be young and hip like E is.)

But… our Spring Break ’14 promises to be an exciting week for us, too, y’all, even though we don’t have a private yacht, or take selfies with a television icon, or have reservations at a restaurant that sells thousand-dollar bottles of wine and doesn’t have a kids’ menu.

That’s okay, though, because I totally heated up frozen chicken nuggets that I bought off the yellow Schwan’s truck for my boys’ dinner tonight, and we had a vintage bottle of milk, with a nice bouquet, that said EXPIRES ON MARCH 28th.  I think it’s the same dinner Gisele was having tonight, too.

Anyway, I’m off for the evening.  I’ve got a load of laundry that isn’t going to fold itself, because my maid started Spring Break ’14 before I did.

Happy Wednesday, people.

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