Migraines And Oils

Well, our weekend is over, which doesn’t really matter all that much, because?  Have I mentioned?  Spring Break ’14.  It’s like a weekend that just goes on and on, as long as you consider on and on to be exactly nine days.

And I know that I didn’t put a blog post up last night, but here is my excuse:  MIGRAINE.  It may have all started when Thing 2 woke up at 4 AM and decided that, no, he wasn’t at all interested in going back to sleep.  Or maybe it was because Hubs and the boy both slept until after 8:30, because that’s what a person can do when someone else gets up with the toddler.  Or maybe it was because at 8:40, we decided that we really did need to get cleaned up, so that we could be at church by 9:30.  Fifty minutes is not enough time at all to prepare a mama’s bedhead for Jesus, which is why I just didn’t wash it.  I tied it in a rubber band and stuck forty-eleven bobby pins in it, and I figured that if anyone commented on my lack of glamor, I would just say, “4 AM.”

That’s an announcement that mothers everywhere can unite in solidarity over.

4 AM + A Toddler = Lucky I Haven’t Just Ripped All My Hair Out By Handfuls

4 AM + Single Woman With No Kids = Fabulous Hair That Makes Taylor Swift Envious

And here I thought I would never use complicated math skills after college graduation!

By the time we got back home from church, my head felt like it weighed ninety-two pounds, and I just needed to lay it on down.

Which is why I took a nap that lasted most of the afternoon.  I’m not even kidding.  I told Hubs that I wasn’t going to waste the free time that comes with Thing 2’s nap by mundane tasks like laundry and browning hamburger early for the evening meal.  No, ma’am.  I put Thing 2 down for a nap, and I just crawled right back into my unmade bed, pulled the covers up to my chin and woke up (thankfully on the same day I had originally laid down on) to find out that Hubs had taken the boys out for ice cream and cheeseburgers (and not necessarily in that order) while I slept.

Y’all would probably think that a nap like that would do a head good, but the total opposite happened.  I woke up with a jackhammer set to HIGH in my head.  I tried every manor of essential oils smeared across my forehead and neck.  I tried cold compresses.  And then I just gave up and took an FDA-approved Excedrin Migraine tablet, because CURSE YOU, NATURAL OILS THAT HAVE REFUSED TO WORK LIKE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO!

The good news for oil lovers everywhere is that the Excedrin didn’t help, either.  This was the migraine that refused to go down without a fight, which is why I just laid in a complete stupor all evening on our sofa.

And then, at 6:00 last night, my migraine just disappeared.  I’m not even kidding you.  I went from I MAY NEED A TRIP TO THE ER FOR AN INJECTION OF SOME KIND TO KILL THIS HEADACHE to WHAT HEADACHE? with a quick snap of the fingers.

I like to think that it was the constant reapplication of the all-natural peppermint oil that finally permeated my skull and found the right spot in my brain to comfort and soothe that made the headache disappear.

And that was pretty much yesterday, people.  I went to bed last night at 9:30, and that is precisely when I discovered that insomnia is a real thing.  It was probably directly related to the marathon nap that I took, but I couldn’t sleep for anything.  I tossed and I turned in bed, shuffling all the corners of my nest around like a bird hopped up on amphetamines, and STILL sleep eluded me.  So, I did what any normal girl would do; I grabbed the iPhone off my bedside table.  I played Words With Friends into the long hours of the night.  I checked Facebook more times between 9:30 and midnight last night than I usually check it in a week.  I surfed eBay, looking for steals.  I read blogs, I looked at Pinterest, I checked my email, and I Googled the weather, all from the luxury of my very-messed-up bed.

And then at 12:15 this morning, I remembered that I had some lavender essential oil, so I smeared that across my forehead, and the next thing I knew, it was 6:15 this morning, and Thing 2 was JUST GETTING UP!

So there you have it.  Thing 2 decided to log more hours’ worth of sleep in a single evening than he has ever done before, and Mama spent the majority of the night shuffling pillows into different configurations, and flipping them from the hot side to the cold side, and trying to figure out if her internal thermometer felt better with the blankets on or without them.

You’ll be happy to know that Hubs just went to the boy’s bedroom and slept on his glorious Tempur Pedic mattress, because the boy was at a sleepover, and Hubs could no longer stand the neurotic squirrel and her army of pillows moving around beside him.

So?  What other topics can I bore you with tonight?

The rest of our weekend was rather uneventful.

The boy’s buddy, Gage, spent the night at our house on Friday night, and those two boys ate a large cheese pizza by themselves.  I knew that this day was coming, and it has arrived.  No longer is Pizza Night going to be a relatively inexpensive menu option, because six pieces of pizza per person amplifies the budget a great deal.

On Saturday morning, we woke up to snow, snow, snow, because OF COURSE!  It’s Spring Break.  And while my friends were busy posting pictures of themselves standing in front of volcanoes in Costa Rica, the beach in Hawaii, and Cinderella in Disneyland, we were waking up to cold temperatures and enough snow to require the snowblower on the driveway.


Because this is the winter that isn’t going down without a fight.

When the blizzard finally subsided enough to see the neighbors’ house, the cute neighbor boy came over to hang out with Gage and the boy.  And, as boys will do, they gathered up every manner of weaponry that they owned, and they went outside to shoot one another.

IMG_3101And please don’t think that Gage’s family needs to pay attention to their oldest child’s growth spurt and buy him a coat that fits.  That’s the boy’s coat… from 4th and 5th grade.  Apparently Gage took the words Spring Break literally, and he showed up at our house on Friday night wearing just a T-shirt.  Plus, his overnight bag just held another T-shirt.  He had no jacket and no coat, so the boy took pity on him and gave him something that was four sizes too small.

Never mind that Hubs had approximately seven jackets and heavy coats hanging in the closet that would have fit Gage much better.

The boys came inside after an hour in the snow.  They were soaking wet, covered in snow, and smelled like the inside of a boys’ locker room after a wrestling match.

They were as happy and content as they could be.

And then I managed to snap THIS little gem over the weekend:

IMG_3081Thing 2 currently has a very deep aversion to look INTO a camera and smiling.  It never happens.  Getting a straight on shot of our toddler with a full-on grin is exactly like getting a crystal clear shot of Big Foot, waving.

So, when I dressed Thing 2 in an outfit this morning that made me happy, regardless of the fact that it screamed VALENTINE’S DAY IN MARCH, I kind of thought that MAYBE we could VERY POSSIBLY score another big smile while he looked straight at the camera.

I was wrong.

I told him to sit on the chair again, and this happened:

IMG_3105Why can’t a member of the male tribe just SIT STILL for twelve entire seconds in front of a camera?

Is there an essential oil for that?!

IMG_3103 IMG_3109If he really loves the ladies, like his T-shirt implies, then he’d help them out a bit by cooperating with photo shoots.


Welcome to my crazy.

Y’all have a merry Monday evening, and PLEASE!  Try the essential lavender oil BEFORE midnight strikes, in the event of insomnia.  Apparently doing so will save you money from late-night eBay shopping.

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