Barney’s Theme Song Will Stick In Your Head For Days!

Some brothers fight over Legos.  Or who gets to ride shotgun in the Suburban.  Or which boy got the bigger slice of chocolate cake for dessert, or which one had to do more chores around the house, or whose turn it is to scoop the litter box.

Not our boys.

Our boys don’t fight, because… well… there are eleven-and-a-half years separating their births, and we just haven’t had to deal with any sort of squabbles between them yet.

But then…

… we learned that one of our boys likes Barney and the Teletubbies.  He’s very, VERY vocal about desiring to watch these shows, when the tablet or the iPad comes out.  He enjoys dancing to their songs and waving at the Barney, while he spastically shouts, “Hello!  Hello!  Hello, Barney!”  The other brother is not a fan of the purple dinosaur or the red, yellow, purple and green ‘Tubbies.  He is not a fan AT ALL.  He has no desire to perform an interpretive dance to their theme songs or wave at the characters.

And so… because our boys like to watch little videos together quite often… they have started ARGUING with one another over WHO GETS TO CHOOSE THE MOVIE!  Will there be dancing and dinosaurs?  Or will they howl with laughter together over Shaun the Sheep or Donald Duck?

(For the record?  WHERE has Shaun the Sheep been all of my life?  Because those little cartoons are DADGUM HILARIOUS!  Even Hubs and I push and shove to be in front of the iPad when they come on!)

So really… I think our boys are normal, now that we’ve started squabbling over movie-choosing rights.

IMG_3320 IMG_3327On an entirely UNRELATED note… please take notice of that grey, Chevron-striped throw pillow on our sofa.

It’s new, and it has made me eighteen different kinds of happy…

… which is something that Barney the Dinosaur has NEVER done.  On that issue, I’m going to side with my bigger boy, because STOP ALL THE MAD DANCING AND SINGING!

Happy Wednesday, y’all.

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