Wordless Wednesday… Sort Of…

I know that the whole point of a Wordless Wednesday blog post is… you know… NO WORDS.  It’s a time when bloggers can be lazy and just smack a snapshot up, call it good for the night, and get back to watching How I Met Your Mother reruns on Netflix.

I saw this on Facebook today, and listen:  IT’S.  SO.  DADGUM.  TRUE.

Parents are SO excited about school starting, and I’m no exception.  I’ve always been a nerd who adores school supplies and new corduroys that go swish-swish when kids walk.  And I’m the one who signs my name on school forms in my best handwriting, with my best pen.

This week, I scribbled my FIRST INITIAL on a school form for the boy, and I used a pencil.

A pencil, people.

I have no words.

So go ahead and click here, and see if you recognize yourself, parents.

The Beginning Of School Vs. The End Of School

Y’all have a great Wednesday night.

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