Just A Few Odds And Ends

I don’t have any genuinely useful knowledge to impart tonight (as opposed to all of the other nights when the words here at Jedi Mama, Inc. have been a total balm for the weary soul), so I’m just going to share a few of things with you.

First, this:

b116b86579d0e0d1020a7d0c00853d02I have this thing for elephants, and the baby ones make me squeal like a pink piglet in a thick puddle of mud.

I saw this snapshot today, and BOOM!  I want him as my pet.  I haven’t worked out the details yet of where I’ll keep him, or if our neighborhood has restrictions on animals who weigh more than five hundred and six pounds being kept in the house, but I’ll figure something out.

All I know is that our two cats are gonna hate me, and if the boy thinks scooping the litter box is a pain in the side of his neck, his life is about to become WORSE.

Second, this:

10517575_10152467078954123_339294270268975720_nThat is my life motto.  It happens to me every time I go to the grocery store.

Also?  Well, I nearly spit hot chai tea out, all over my computer screen, when I saw that posted on one of my friends’ Facebook wall yesterday.  I laughed THAT hard.  It wasn’t even one of those fake “LOL’s,” where I type “Oh, I laughed out loud”… but not really.  I howled, y’all.  It’s because sometimes you just recognize yourself in a word of truth, and there’s no stopping the giggles.

Third, I think Hubs and I might be raising a reader!!

IMG_3844This is all foreign soil and new territory to us, because the boy is allergic to books.

But it seems like any book entitled THOMAS THE TRAIN or BUNGEE JUMPING FROM THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING will snag Thing 2’s attention for extended periods of time, which is saying something.

And yes.  Yes, that really IS a baby gut.  While the boy, as a toddler, was built like a little wisp of hot steam shimmering above a coffee mug, Thing 2 is built like a concrete brick that’s big enough to take an entire ferry to the bottom of the ocean and keep it there until Jesus’ return.

No matter.  His family loves him, and they love him HUGE.

And finally, the boy had a big question for me yesterday.  He began the conversation by asking, “Hey, Mom?  Do you know how nothing is impossible for God to do?”  And I immediately thought, “Oh!  Oh!  OH!!!  We’re going to have a DEEP and also MEANINGFUL conversation!  Yay!”  And I replied, “Yes; yes, I know that.”  And the boy said, “Well, if that’s the case… Could God make a rock that was so heavy, He couldn’t actually lift it?  Because, if nothing is impossible for Him to do, then He COULD make a rock that’s way too heavy for Him to pick up.  And yet, if He can’t pick it up, then there’s something that’s impossible for Him to do.”

Speechless, y’all.  Speechless.

It’s just how we roll around our house.

And that’s going to do it for tonight, people.  Y’all carry on and have yourselves a merry little weekend.

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  1. Look how calm Thing 2 is there, reading a book. Wild boy–I don’t know what you’re talking about! 🙂 Visiting with you yesterday made me wonder what’s happening over here at your blog. Always so good to catch up with you, Tammy. You are a gem!

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