The Bow Tie

My adorable friend Katie has three boys.  They’re better dressed than Suri Cruise is.  Katie’s tribe can also rock a bow tie so well, girls end up squealing like pink piglets in excitement.

This is her son, Gunnar.  He’s Thing 2’s age.  And don’t be thinking that I took this fancy shot, because Katie was the stellar photographer here.

1399063_10201655614344697_628382048_oThe very second I saw Gunnar in a bow tie, I knew in the deepest part of my mama’s heart that Thing 2 NEEDED one, too.  I searched high and low on different websites, but I could never find one that I really loved.

After that, the bow tie idea kind of got shoved to the back burner of my mind, because I was very busy hollering, “Don’t slam your Tonka truck into our walls at full speed!  You’re chipping the Sheetrock and making us look like hillbillies around here!”

We lived life.  We made messes.  We got very little sleep.  And I didn’t have time to think of sassy little ties.


… Katie’s oldest son, Logan, showed up in a bow tie last month.

(Katie took this snapshot, too, so I can’t steal any credit for it.)

10169382_10202994389053228_7344050427491320223_nAnd that was precisely when I gasped and called Katie and said, “Listen!  Where can I score a fabulous bow tie for Thing 2?”


A few weeks later, which happened to be just last night, a bow tie showed up in our mailbox.  Katie had commissioned her bow-tie-sewing friend to make us one for OUR toddler, and she had packed it with love and mailed it to us, all the way from Alaska.

I may have squealed when I opened the package, because PERFECT TIMING!  The boy and Thing 2 were having their pictures professionally taken this afternoon with our friend, Alyssa, and suddenly I knew that a bow tie was going to be involved!

And it was.

And I took my own camera along to the professional photo shoot, which I’m sure real photographers like Alyssa just HATE, but we love Alyssa, and we like to think she loves us right back, so I don’t think she minded.  It was because I had to get a teaser shot to send to Katie, so that she could see her gift in action.

The boy helped Thing 2 get his bow tie JUST SO, right before pictures.  When I pulled this snapshot off of my camera tonight, all I could see was older versions of my two sons… with the boy helping Thing 2 tie his bow tie before his senior prom.  I could almost sob over this photograph of my boys, because WOW.  Just… WOW.  And I don’t ever want them to get any older than they are today.

This picture is so precious to me…

IMG_6295And then…

… boom!

The bow tie was in action!

IMG_6297 IMG_6298 IMG_6306I cannot even wait to see what magic Alyssa managed to capture with her camera this afternoon of these two boys…

… and that precious tie.

Happy weekend, y’all.  Happy weekend.

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