Week Two. Nailed It!

Almost every single time I see one of the Some-e-cards, I laugh.

(And then the I WAS AN ENGLISH MAJOR FOR THE FIRST TWO YEARS OF COLLEGE side of me wants to add commas and capitalize letters and just fix the grammatical flaws.)

(Because a comma?  Well, sometimes a comma is very important.)

(As in, “Let’s eat, Grandma.”)

(Or, “Let’s eat Grandma.”)

I’m rambling because I’ve accomplished the second week of teaching PE, and my brain is now the consistency of oatmeal.

Precisely, it’s like instant oatmeal that has a little too much water in it, so it runs off the spoon.  That’s what happens when you cram your entire PE schedule into two full days.  Oh, I gripe now, because it’s Wednesday.  But you won’t hear me griping on Thursday mornings, when I wake up and realize that I don’t have to teach a single class again until the following Tuesday!

Where were we?



10556464_10152200530591863_6084796616258842533_nThis is a word of truth that also applies to the SECOND WEEK of school.

Also?  I feel like I should have a tiara with fourteen extra rows of diamonds, because I taught the pre-kindergarten classes how to execute flawless overhand throws today.  If you want to know how this went, think NINETEEN SQUIRRELS, ALL HOLDING YARN BALLS, PRACTICING THEIR “STEP AND THROWS.”  Don’t forget that half of the squirrels will give up and lay on the floor, because IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET?  Don’t forget that at least four squirrels will be in the bathroom.  Don’t forget that one squirrel will be crying on the sidelines, because it’s been a very long day and he didn’t really eat the peanut butter sandwich his mom packed him for lunch, so when he got hit in the face with the light-as-the-air yarn ball, he decided to execute a showing of ALL THE DRAMA that would have made the Academy Award judges stand up and applaud with gusto and loud whistles.

So… yes.

The second week of teaching can go down in the books as being OVER, and I’m off to bed.

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