If You’re Going To Jump In The Puddles, You Need To Wear Your Boots

Thing 2 is a dedicated fan of the Peppa Pig cartoon.  It’s British, and it’s stinking adorable.  Even Hubs and I get sucked into the Pig family’s antics, because I think we see OURSELVES in Daddy Pig and Mommy Pig.

(Most especially the episode where Daddy Pig snores too much.)

(I’m just sayin’.)

In one episode, Peppa and her little brother, George, jump in puddles after a big rainstorm.  Peppa, being the bossy responsible older sister, lets George know that if he’s going to jump in puddles, he needs to wear his boots.

Our toddler has taken that statement to heart.  He’s a Puddle Jumping Activist, who closes his eyes in sheer pleasure whenever he comes across one, and he tells us all the time, “Jump in puddles… wear boots.”

He is also convinced that a pair of Toms high-top sneakers, that our darling friend, Jackie, gave to him for his birthday, can be classified as BOOTS.  Every single time he sees puddles, he insists that he MUST have this pair of shoes on, because BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOTS!  Never mind that they’re sneakers.  Thing 2 has no concept of how to dress for a basketball game; he sees that these shoes come up over his ankles, so… THEY’RE BOOTS.  End of the story.  Close the book up.  And he’ll win the argument every single time.

This morning, when I told him that it was time to go and that we needed to get his shoes on, he grabbed his “boots” and said, “He needs to jump in puddles.  He needs boots.”

(Thing 2 calls himself “he” all the time.  It’s so dadgum cute, I never want it to end.)

So… he wore his Toms sneakers today, that aren’t really boots… except they ARE really boots at our house.

Of course I took some pictures, because he was just too stinking cute NOT to take pictures of this morning.

IMG_0401 IMG_0403 IMG_0404 IMG_0406 IMG_0407 IMG_0408 IMG_0409 IMG_0410 IMG_0412 IMG_0416 IMG_0418The funny thing is…

… we didn’t have any puddles at all today.  We’re still in the middle of some of the most glorious fall weather I’ve ever seen, where the sun shines brightly, and the air is warm, and everything outside is just golden from the glow of the leaves turning.

As it turns out, Toms sneakers are good for dry weather, too, which is a good thing, because we’ve put a whole lot of miles on this pair.

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