Just Some Words On A Thursday Night

I had a whole lot of intentions of weeding through the snapshots on my camera’s memory card today, and slapping some onto the blog this evening.

And by some, I probably meant four hundred and forty-nine.  It’s because life has been happening, and we’ve finished up our soccer season with a big tournament, and we’ve been to a couple of super fun parties with friends, and Thing 2 has played with some friends of his own, and I’ve taken pictures of it all.

And then, after I picked up the house this morning and got some laundry started and unloaded the dishwasher and made beds and helped the toddler string beads together and tickled a pair of chubby baby feet, I put Thing 2 down for a nap.  I probably should have gone through my memory card then… or I should have taken a nap myself at that time, because SWEET MERCY!   We have fallen into another season of THE TODDLER AIN’T SLEEPIN’ AT NIGHT AGAIN, with a chaser of MAMA’S KINDA TIRED, but listen…

I was still reading Jodi Picoult’s brand new book, called Leaving Time, and I needed to know what really happened at The Elephant Sanctuary.  This book has sucked me into the mystery of WHO DID WHAT, and the Nancy Drew side of me became very smug, as I THOUGHT that I’d figured everything out… only then I read along some more and learned that NO… NO, I DIDN’T FIGURE ANYTHING OUT, because I didn’t see THAT coming.

Yes, this book broadsided me with the plot twist.

As in, this book might just as well have picked up a wooden club and smacked me across the head, because THAT WAS SO NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING TO SEE HAPPEN!!

I’ve never wanted to turn to the last few pages in the book and catch a glimpse of WHO IS STILL ALIVE at the end more than I’ve wanted to do it with this book, even though I think that CHEATING ON THE ENDING like this is thirty-six kinds of wrong.  I do, in fact, JUDGE FOLKS who look at the last chapter in the book before they’ve gotten there by reading.  I judge them, and I find them lacking in self control.

I NEVER look ahead in a book.


At all.

But this one made me want to, until I had to just pull myself up by the bootstraps and say, “Keep reading, Girlfriend, and don’t ruin the ending for yourself ahead of time.”  Thankfully, I listened to myself and resisted the urge.

So that’s how I spent the quiet time of Thing 2’s nap today:  Reading.  I finished that book.  I DID find out exactly what happened at The Elephant Sanctuary, and then I sort of just quietly closed that book shut and said, “Wow,” because there are few endings to a story that manage to blindside me like this one did.

Also… I’ve always WANTED a pet elephant, and this book just confirms that my desires to raise one in my backyard haven’t weakened at all over the years.  The only real problem comes from the fact that I’m on a continual COMPLAIN TRAIN over how much food a single teenage boy eats out of our pantry, so I cannot even begin to fathom how much prep work there would be to preparing meals for an elephant pet, especially when a whole watermelon is the equivalent of a lone Ritz cracker to one.

So… I didn’t get my snapshots gone through.  There aren’t any photos here tonight… and I’m leaving tomorrow for a Girls’ Weekend with a whole pack of lovely friends.  I need to wrap things up now and go pack a bag, and then fall into a comatose sleep, right after I talk to Jesus about COULD THING 2 PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, WITH A CHERRY ON TOP, SLEEP ALL NIGHT LONG TONIGHT?

(Don’t think that you can break into our house while I’m gone, either, because Hubs is still here with the boys, doing “man things” together, and he’d love nothing more than to rough up a bandit, while our vicious housecat, Cat 1, cheered him on to victory and grinned about slicing up a liver as a celebration meal.)

(I’m sorry to be so graphic, but Cat 1 isn’t squeamish.)

Before I go, though, I have to show you this one thing that utterly and completely describes me and Hubs to perfection:

1977381_841088845920768_2012995799_nEvery single time Hubs and I grocery shop together, he boldly declares, “I feel like we’re WANDERING!”  Seeing this today just boosted my spirits, as I was relieved to learn that other women go into the grocery store with no real game plan, either, even though men go in like they’re on a Navy SEAL-sponsored recovery mission.

(I also feel like that red line up there could represent the differences in thought patterns in the brain, too, but I’m no scientist, so who really knows?)

At any rate, it pretty much sums up the fact that I’ll need a grocery delivery service when I have an elephant trumpeting for fresh cantaloupe in my backyard every day.  I can only imagine the amount of wandering I’d do in the produce section, trying to decide how many butternut squash and apples it was going to take to feed the family pet for the week.

Y’all have a merry weekend.

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