So… You Think YOU Can Dance?!

The past few days around here have been filled with a whole lot of NOT VERY INTERESTING, because who wants to hear the tale of how I taught soccer skills to nineteen pre-kindergarten kids without losing my sanity, or how I went to Walmart, because we needed milk and Tide and kitty litter?

The only thing that broke the HO-HUM and PLAIN JANE mold was that on Tuesday night, I fought a grizzly bear.  I’m not even kidding.  It happened at midnight, in bed, in the middle of one HORRENDOUS dream.  The bear was after the boy and Thing 2, who were both two-years-old.  I know that this isn’t possible in real life, but in my dream… both of my boys were toddlers at the same time.  And this ferocious grizzly bear was trying to grab them, so I intervened.  I got in that bear’s face with some kicking skills Mr. Miyagi would have been proud of.

I’d like to say that I fought with dignity and well-placed side kicks to the back of that bear’s head, along with stomps to his throat, and maybe even a crane pose and some “wax on; wax off.”  The honest truth, though, is that I fought like a woman whose mascara has seen better days.  I was swinging my arms like a leotard-wearing, aerobics instructor from 1991, pulling that bear’s hair, and trying to bite his ear.

It was the kind of cat fight someone might expect to see in the alley behind a shady bar.

And then I woke up, which is when I realized that all of my fighting skills had REALLY and also TRULY taken place.  I had managed to kick the air, and punch myself into a frenzy of wild adrenaline and very messy hair.  I think Hubs thought the Apocalypse had struck, in a whirlwind of flying covers and pillows.

That probably completely explains why I was awake then, from midnight until 4 AM.  Of course, Thing 2 woke up at 5:08, so I was every bit as well-rested and refreshed as you would think, without a single trace of scary bags beneath my eyes.

But last night?  Well, I hate to admit it on the World Wide Web, but I used the NyQuil recreationally.  I went to bed at 7:14 last night, because I couldn’t keep my eyes propped open any longer, and I slept straight through until 6:30 this morning, because GLORY, GLORY, HALLELUJAH!  Thing 2 slept until 6:45 today, so Merry Christmas to us all!

I feel like a brand new person.


I suppose that I’m taking the Lazy Girl’s way out in blogging tonight, because I’m posting another video of our little toddler in action, but listen:  He’s dancing.  And when Thing 2 dances, people sit up and take notice.

Boyfriend has rhythm.

And?  Well… the boys’ aunts and grandmas really do love the videos, and I love to keep them entertained.

So, without further ado, may I present Thing 2, in all his dancing glamor?

(And yes.  He’s wearing a St. Patrick’s Day shirt in December, but his daddy dressed him.  I can take no credit for the early holiday apparel.)



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