That Time The Poor Elephant Was Tortured At Our House

When you have boys, you should NEVER be surprised at what you accidentally come across in your home.

I mean, really.  A couple of sheep in our nativity set rode in the monster truck to see the newborn King in Bethlehem last week.  Over the years of being a Boy Mom, I’ve found marbles in the bottom of the toilet, a Darth Vader action figure wrapped up in four pounds of string and tied to the shelf in my freezer, a mouse skeleton out of an owl pellet on my kitchen counter, and Lego mini-figures Scotch-taped to the outside of my microwave.

And let’s not even talk about the BIGGEST boy at my house, who once washed a carburetor in my kitchen sink while I wasn’t home, and then left it there to dry.

I also have a frozen pet toad, who has passed on to the bigger swamp in the sky, frozen in a paper sack in my freezer, which I try to ignore, each and every time I open that door.

But today, when I walked around our kitchen island and saw THIS on the end, I kind of gasped a little…

IMG_1345 IMG_1346Truly, I didn’t know whether I should laugh out loud at it…

… or make a phone call to the nearest elephant sanctuary, to see if we could get a rescue to happen, so that this little darling could live out the rest of his life in a safe environment, dedicated to his well-being.  I think he needs a place of refuge, where he can begin healing from the damage that was done to his soul, while he lived in captivity at our house, because HERE!!  LET ME PLUG YOUR TRUNK INTO SOME HIGH VOLTAGE AND LEAVE YOU THERE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!!

Y’all have a Happy New Year’s Eve, and I hope that 2015 rings in as your best year yet.  Our family is going to ring it in quietly at home.  We’re throwing two super fun New Year’s Eve parties with friends under the bus, because Hubs came home from work yesterday evening and said, “I feel like I’m getting sick.”  And, true to his word, he now has a fever of nearly 101 degrees, and he’s in bed with the chills and terrible nausea.  Right before we went to bed last night, Hubs leaned over and said, “I love you.  I just want to tell you that right now, because I feel so horrible, I may be dead in the morning.”

He’s kind of a drama king, if you ask me.

At any rate, HAPPY NEW YEAR’S!

2 thoughts on “That Time The Poor Elephant Was Tortured At Our House

  1. Tell me that you had a follow up course with #2 about electrical and outlet safety? If not, I’ll send Oliver up to bust out a lecture. He’s well informed as the analytical boy that he is.

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