Me And Mona

Yes, I really DO have something in common with the Mona Lisa…

2ab8ed2b7d322b4f40b20d58a2aabd3eIt’s because I’m going through the toilet paper like she’s going through the toilet paper, and it isn’t due to digestive issues.  It’s just that the extra-big rolls of Charmin have more yardage than a box of Kleenex has.

And yes… I saw my doctor today.  He declared that I’m rocking a sinus infection like I’m a drummer in a big hair band from the ’80s.

(Bless Def Leppard.)

(And also Kip Winger.)

(Because, contrary to Hubs’ opinion, they can both rock a stage far better than AC/DC ever could.  Or even can.  Because apparently those elderly musicians have a new album out.)

(#RetireAlready  #YouMightBreakAHipOnStage)

And the other thing?  Well, I think Will pretty much nailed a word of truth here:

173e865f8da3f6863323c1d81257077fAnd that’s pretty much been my day, except I really did put a nice pot roast and carrots and some rosemary in my Dutch oven this afternoon.  Apparently the hunger needs of my family must still be met, even when I’ve been prescribed antibiotic pills that are roughly the size of a VW bug.

Y’all have a very merry Tuesday evening.  My grape cough syrup and I are going to bed.

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