Fire Trucks And Fire Pants

On Saturday morning, Thing 2 picked out his fire truck shirt to wear.  He saw it hanging in the closet, and put up some whoops and also some loud hollers that his day wouldn’t be complete unless THAT was what he wore.

So… that’s what he got to wear.

Then, as I pulled out a pair of navy blue gym shorts to go with the bright red T-shirt, he yelled, “No!  Not those!  I need fire pants!  Fire pants, Mommy!”

“What are fire pants?”

“They’re fire pants!  They’re for fire trucks!”

I showed him some navy blue windpants.

“No!  No!  I need FIRE PANTS!!!”

I showed him gray sweatpants.

“Those are not fire pants!!”

I showed him khaki shorts.

“No, no, no, NOOOOOO!!!!”

And that’s when my brain actually worked WITH ME and multiplied some Bright Idea Cells.  I told Thing 2, “Can you just find your fire pants by yourself?”

Yes.  Yes, he could.  Why hadn’t I thought of that four pairs of pants earlier?

He yanked a pair of bright red windpants out of his drawer and announced with a smile, “THESE are my fire pants!”

It’s a lot of red, people.  It’s more red than I would’ve put together in one outfit.  It’s a lot  more red than you’ll ever see pinned on the same Pinterest board, but apparently when one wears a red fire truck shirt, the outfit will not be complete until he has a pair of bright red windpants on, too.

IMG_2770 IMG_2773

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