May The Fourth Be With Your Ice Road Trucking Crew

Just because no blog entitled Jedi Mama would ever be complete without a little May 4th humor…

11159475_10204274539879892_2717904070541645142_nIt kind of lightens up the fact that we had a little Ice Road Trucking at our house today.

IMG_2778I only managed to photograph about one-sixteenth of the actual cargo.  All of the tractors and car carriers were loaded down with ice cubes, too.  My giant mug of ice water, that was sitting on our kitchen island, was silently spreading across the hardwood floor, preparing itself to leak into the basement and make me wish that I’d thought flood insurance was a good idea, so I didn’t hang out with my camera for very long.

And then, when I took Thing 2 to preschool this morning, he pointed to the armrest of his carseat and announced, “Look, Mommy.  I set my big booger right there for you.”

He really IS my favorite toddler in all the world.IMG_2715 IMG_2933Happy May the Fourth, people.

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