Throwback Thursday

Our days are still kind of merging together into one, big lump of GLORIOUS SUMMER VACATION.  We stay up later than we normally do… we grill a lot… we play outside every day… we study our ABCs… we practice our counting… we miss the boy, who is still away at camp… we splash in the wading pool… we dig in the dirt… we spend too many dollars at Walmart…

And then we threw a fun little date-night dinner into the mix last night.  Hubs and I met some close friends of ours — two other couples — at a posh little restaurant here in Small Town, USA.  We laughed until my sides hurt, and then hung our heads in shame as we realized that our conversations had run along the VERY MATURE lines.  We discussed insurance premiums, credit card debt, and gray hair.  Although I loved every single second of our dinner out with friends (without any children in tow!), the highlight of the evening was when I ordered a fruity, utterly-girly, mixed drink…

… and the waiter asked to see my ID.

I’m still riding that plane of euphoria, twenty-four hours later.

So, with our days being very much the same lately, save for a fun evening out with our grownup friends, I just can’t come up with much to write about at the moment.  It’s like writer’s block, of the worst kind.


… I’m just going to use the cop-out of a Throwback Thursday post tonight.

LOOK!  Just look at how little my children were three years ago!  (And look at how wonky my hair was behaving in that family shot of us.)

ResizedIMG_0575 2 ResizedIMG_0813 ResizedIMG_0846 ResizedIMG_1368Y’all have a good weekend.  We’ll be spending it retrieving the boy from camp, washing the forty-six loads of filthy laundry he’ll be bringing home, and power-washing our dirty deck.

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