That Day When The Thermometer Melted From All The Heat

It was 98 degrees here yesterday.

That was when the temperature was cool, because I can’t even talk about how high that number is today without weeping. I’ll just give you a little visual.

image1Just know that I wanted to serve shaved ice for dinner tonight, because I am completely over the heat, but the members of the male tribe about voted me off the island for that one.  Apparently, they all had their hearts set on homemade tacos, because LET MAMA STAND OVER THE GAS STOVE FOR A BIT AND BROWN UP THAT HAMBURGER REAL NICE LIKE.

Obviously, ALL THE HOT doesn’t bother you when you’re fourteen or fifteen and full of energy and muscle.  The boy and Enzo called Kellen yesterday, and they gathered their equipment.  And then… well… I dropped them off at the golf course, with them fully aware that the TEMPERATURE, PEOPLE, WAS NINETY-EIGHT DEGREES ABOVE THE ZERO MARK… so that they could hit a few buckets of golf balls and play a game of tennis together, before they finally gave in and went swimming in the pool out there.

IMG_4620I jumped out of the Suburban to snap a picture of them, and I nearly melted, which is exactly why Thing 2 and I went back home to our lovely air conditioning.

Today, my friend Jodi and I hauled our bands of children to a nearby park with a creek, so that we could keep the core temperatures down a bit.  The grownups simply sat at a picnic table and wiped our brows and exclaimed, “I’m kind of looking forward to December and frozen ponds right about now.”  Although we were fully prepared for ALL THAT MISERABLE HEAT, with plenty o’ sunscreen and water bottles and commands of GET IN THE CREEK ALREADY, Y’ALL, we weren’t prepared for the swarm of wasps that decided to haul off our sandwiches.

I’m pretty sure that we were at an intense DEFCON level with the bees.

The Bible says that we were made for such a time as this…

… and I am forever grateful that my time includes the A/C and a house with doors that can keep the flying creatures and all the nature outside.

Y’all have a lovely weekend.

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