Caffeinate Me

I’m happy to report that our little man is still destined to be as smart as Albert Einstein, if yesterday’s grant-funded study is to be believed.

And, people, I’m banking on that.  After all of these sleepless nights and early mornings with Thing 2, I’m counting on a genius IQ that’s going to earn more dollars than the average NFL running back, so that I can celebrate the enormous bags beneath my eyes with a new Coach bag to carry on my shoulder.

And really?  Well, I think we’re on the right path, because last week, when I referred to a shape as “a diamond,” our toddler hollered, “No, Mom!  It’s NOT a diamond!  It’s a rhombus!!”

I think he’s been looking over the boy’s shoulder during all the geometry homework that’s happened this past week.

This is what 12:15 PM looks like, when you got up at 4:30 AM, ate a scrambled egg, a slice of toast, and a peach, and then spent the entire morning at preschool:

IMG_4928When I picked him up, he was so tired he said, “I can’t walk to the car.  Carry me.  My legs are dying.”  I told Thing 2 that we were heading home for a nap, and he started to bawl, because he didn’t want a nap; he wanted bubble gum.  He told me approximately forty-seven times between the school’s front doors and our Suburban that he wasn’t tired.

I had no more pulled out of the preschool’s parking lot when he quit talking, because LO!  He had tipped over sideways and passed out.

And that’s when I wanted to take back all the times I fought off a nap when I was a child.  I’d like a re-do.  I’d actually like to go back and obediently get on my bed with my blanket whenever my mom told me to, instead of arguing that I had enough stamina to watch thirty minutes of The Flintstones.

So yeah.

We’re all a little tired around here today, which is why THIS is going to become my new battle cry:

11951335_873934362660859_9077118033769626845_nMay y’all have a blessed, SLEEP-FILLED weekend.

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