We’re All About The Bubble Wrap

It was one of those days today, when we were up at 5:30, ready to run a marathon, and eat some candy, and throw ourselves to the floor when we were told that there would be NO early-morning candy.


Then we had the big haul at Walmart, because we were out of important things like cold cereal and fresh fruit and Tide and Baby Bell cheese.  After that, there were “home chores,” because Mama felt like she needed the house to be recovered from the weekend.

(I hope Carol Brady knows how lovely her life really was, with Alice being right there in that horrific orange kitchen, all of the stinking time.)

Pretty much, this was all just a big formula for the preschooler to throw his head back and protest the horribleness of his world, because WHY AREN’T WE THROWING LAUNDRY UNDER THE BUS FOR DUMP TRUCKS IN THE BACKYARD?

I don’t ever claim to be a “Pinterest Mom,” because the last thing I have time to do is anything fancy like the well-decorated mothers, who have won awards to pin on their Mom Sashes for their stellar crafting.  But what I DID think to do was haul out a roll of bubble wrap that cost us an entire $4.89 a while back.

Never underestimate the ability of $4.89 to completely save the day.  This video is a small glimpse into a few seconds of what shook down in our living room this afternoon; I won’t subject you to all the film footage that I have of Thing 2 rolling around on bubble wrap, and driving cars over bubble wrap, and stomping on bubble wrap, and launching monster trucks over sofa cushions to land on bubble wrap.  Suffice it to say that my ears are permanently ringing, and our two cats thought the end of the world had come in the form of rapid machine gun fire.  We went through that entire, gigantic roll of bubble wrap, one long piece at a time.

Our afternoon panned out as GOLDEN, and I’m going to take that for the win.

Thank you, four dollars and eighty-nine cents’ worth of plastic.



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