H Is For Honda

THING 2:  Hey, Mom!  Look!  My shirt has an H on the front of it!  An H… like for Honda!”

ME:  It sure looks like an H, doesn’t it?  But it’s actually the symbol for Under Armour, because that’s an Under Armour shirt.  I don’t think it’s really an H.

THING 2:  It IS an H.  I don’t like Under Armour.  I just like my Honda shirts… with the Hs on them… because they’re soft.  I LOVE my Honda shirts!  I want all of my shirts to have an H for Honda on them!

IMG_7245Dear Under Armour,

We apologize.  Apparently we’re representing for Honda in your gear, but the flaw in your design is that it really does look like an H.  However, whether they think it’s Under Armour or Honda, my boys both adore your shirts… and your sweatpants… and your shorts… and everything else you put your NOT-AN-H symbol on.  Thank you for making us broke.


A Mama Of A Preschooler Who Knows His Letters

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