These Two Cousins

They’re only three and a half months apart in age.

They can fight better than any two siblings have ever done.

They can hug one another tighter than any two siblings have ever done, too.

She bosses him around like a crew chief; he’ll smack her across the top of the head when he feels like she’s out of line.  They share chicken nuggets, almonds, a love for Bubble Guppies and the common cold.  They both pray for one another, and then fight over who has the bigger bowl of Goldfish crackers at snack time.

I think she’s full of a lot of sugar and spice…

image1 image2… while he’s pretty much all snail.

I have no idea WHAT they were dressing up as.  She’s a belly-dancing, gypsy-princess police woman, while he’s a firefighting knight with a mean karate chop.

Hubs thinks he looks like Shrek.

91ae7a37636cd329620f2ebe76034a66No matter.

My heart is happy that they have one another, and that they get to grow up side by side.  She’ll do all the talking to get the two of them out of trouble, as she bats those eyelashes and grins with those dimples, and he’ll kick the ever-lovin’ snot out of anyone who gives her grief.

They’re the very best friends, and I love them.

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