My Boys

Yesterday, Thing 2 was trying to undo the twisty tie on a bag of bagels.

Yes… bagels.  Because apparently I have a learning disability when it comes to leaving him alone with bread products and his nose.

He walked up to me and handed me the bag, as he said, “I have superpowers, Mom.  I have superpowers just like a superhero, but I guess they don’t work on bagel bags.  I can’t open this thing!”

I guess that’s because the plastic bag is childproof, much like a prescription bottle.  You know… what with the bread product being near the nose and all.

I’m happy to report that the child ate a plain, unbuttered bagel, and the nose wasn’t involved at all.  Glory, glory, hallelujah, because we’re STILL working on soaking the bread that’s already involved with the drama of being shoved up the nose with saline rinses, three times a day.  I’m no physician, but I think we may be getting close to clearing out the sinuses of debris.

Being a boy mom means that my life is full of adventure and stinky socks and stomachs that never get full and noses that DO get fulll, but I wouldn’t trade either of these fellows for anything.

I’m completely in love with both of them.


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