The Day Hubs Got The Soup On

Hubs’ sinuses are a wreck.  He can’t breathe, he’s congested, and he’s the exact actor that all cold medication companies want for their commercials, as he lies sideways on the bed and moans out his illness for all to hear.

There is no one sicker with a sinus infection than Hubs, so he took a sick day today.  After a quick trip to the walk-in clinic yesterday afternoon, he was armed with antibiotics and plenty of liquids (in the form of iced coffee) this morning, so he stayed at home, in his pajamas.

The boy left for school.  I left for school, too, because my PE classes are apparently still a thing, even after I got extremely comfortable wearing yoga pants and old T-shirts and not going anywhere for two weeks over Christmas break.  Thing 2 went to Sister’s house for the day, to play with four-year-old Cousin H.

In other words, Hubs had the house all to himself.  He binge-watched some reality show on gold mining in Alaska, refilled his iced coffee cup, and had exactly the day that every single mother in the universe dreams of having:

A day alone, at home.

Never mind that the sinuses are stopped up with sludge that’s eerily reminiscent of super glue.  The man had a day alone at home, with just himself and all the TV shows he cared to watch.

I’m trying not to be horribly jealous, but really?  When a mom takes a sick day, she still has to get up and make cold lunches, because REALLY?  YOU’RE A FRESHMAN AND YOU STILL CAN’T HANDLE A HOT LUNCH NOW AND THEN, AND IF I LEAVE YOU ALONE IN THE KITCHEN WITH YOUR LUNCHBOX, YOU WILL FILL IT WITH LEFTOVER HALLOWEEN CANDY, EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE FIFTEEN YEARS OLD.  And then there’s the matter of the preschooler, because the sick mom is still gonna have that kiddo running wild and climbing on the kitchen counters to help himself to drinks of water.  I don’t know how many years removed you actually are from having a preschooler scale your counters, but the very last thing you want him doing is turning on the water in the sink and shoving a cup beneath it.  That is the very reason that flood insurance was invented.

I tried not to be envious of Hubs’ quiet time at home, while my gym was filled with loud class after loud class of energetic kids, all there to get their badminton skills on, but it was hard.  Especially when one third grade boy started swinging his badminton racket like a knife-twirling warrior above his head and clocked one of his gentle classmates across the cheek.  She dropped like a ton of bricks, with a welt the size of the Mississippi River running down the side of her face.  The only good to come of this is that the entire class went stone-cold quiet, because OH, SWEET MERCY!  THAT BOY WAS A-MISBEHAVIN’, AND NOW WHAT IS THE TEACHER GONNA DO ‘BOUT THAT?

The good news is that this little gal is going to live, but she took a long bruise home with her this afternoon, that I had to explain to her mama.

By 2:00, I was already wondering if it was time for wine.

And then?  When I got home?  Oh, people!  Hubs had made cream of broccoli and ham soup, with our leftover ham from dinner last night, and it was BEYOND DELICIOUS!  It’s the kind of soup that isn’t all that good for you, even though the ingredients are BROCCOLI and ONION and CELERY and HAM, because the list of necessary items also includes BUTTER and MORE BUTTER and THROW IN ONE MORE PAT OF BUTTER and NOW FOR THE HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM.

But that pot of soup?  I’ve never been happier to come home after a long day of back-to-back PE classes and have dinner already cooked for me.

In other words, I think I’m actually okay with Hubs needing another sick day tomorrow, even though it means he’ll find another Netflix series to watch all day long.  Oh, I would love for him to have his sinuses unstopped and his low-grade fever vanish, but the part WHERE I COME HOME FROM BEING GONE ALL DAY, AND YES!  WE HAD A BADMINTON ACCIDENT, EVEN THOUGH BADMINTON ISN’T A SPORT REALLY FAMOUS FOR ACCIDENTS, BUT LOOK!  HOMEMADE SOUP, AND IT IS SO DELICIOUS! is really something that I could get used to.

No wonder guys like to have wives.

Y’all have a blessed Wednesday evening.

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