This little man is Asher.

IMG_3785He’s kind of adorable, isn’t he?

Asher belongs to some close friends of ours.  He’s six.  He’s one of Thing 2’s buddies.  Asher is full of energy… full of smiles… and he can do flips on a trampoline better than any teenage gymnast can pull off.  He can rope and help drive tractors and build amazing creations out of Legos.  He laughs constantly, he plays in the dirt, and he can run faster than members of the local high school track team.

We like Asher.

We like him a lot.

Asher and his family have been halfway across the United States this month, as his dad took a short job there to train some horses for a client.  Asher’s entire family went along, because you can do that when you’re homeschooled.  Your mama can just pack school up, and BOOM!  Off you go!  You get to do your math and reading on the road.

Last week, Asher was riding a bum calf, rodeo-style, and he took a fall.  At first, his mom and dad thought he was alright… and then they wondered if maybe he hadn’t cracked a rib or something.  A little later, Asher really started to hurt, so his folks took him in to see a doctor.

The doctor guessed that Asher was bleeding internally.  He was immediately sent for a CT scan, and guess what?  He wasn’t bleeding internally, but he had a spot on one of his kidneys that the doctors thought might be a hematoma.

And then…

… well…

… a big group of doctors got together to look at Asher’s CT scan, and they shook their heads in sadness, because they decided it wasn’t a hematoma.

They decided that Asher had a tumor on his kidney.

As it turned out, those doctors were exactly right, and Asher, who is just six years old, got a diagnosis of CANCER on Friday.

The good news in all of this is that further testing seems to be indicating right now that Asher’s cancer hasn’t spread.  For that, we rejoice!

The better news is simply this:  HOW GOOD IS OUR GOD?  He brought a little boy from Small Town, USA… took him halfway across our continent… and had him take a tumble off a bum calf… and the tumor growing on his kidney was found.

We’re all hoping that it was found early enough that Asher is going to bounce back very, VERY quickly.

Asher is going to have surgery first thing tomorrow morning, which will be followed by chemotherapy.  He’s going to lose that kidney and that tumor, and I know that his mama and daddy (Paul and Amber) would covet your prayers tonight and tomorrow.  He’s understandably a scared little six-year-old, as he faces a big procedure tomorrow.  His parents love Jesus with all their hearts, and so does Asher.  So please… would you take a few minutes to just stop and pray for our little buddy?  Our prayers have been thanking God for this little buck off of the calf… and that God will use this fall as a genuine miracle to catch a cancerous tumor early enough.

Thanks, y’all.

26 thoughts on “Asher

  1. Love seeing all the support for this very special young boy and this awesome young family. They are all held in our hearts!!! Thanks for all your heart felt thoughts and words and sharing them with soooo many!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Lord,

    I thank you for leading the doctors to find the cancer. I now pray that You guide them during pre-op, the operation; post op. Give them knowledge and a procedure that goes as planned. Work in little Asher’s body to remove the cancer and restore his health. Calm his spirit & give peace to his whole family. Thank you for being our Great Physician. In the name of Christ, Amen

  3. Our family has been praying for Asher and his family. From our family to yours, please know that we love you and are pleading with our heavenly Father on your behalf. God bless you and keep you through it all and may His face shine down upon you, and may He grant you the deepest desires of you heart. For His glory praise and honor, In Jesus’ name, CB, Mimi, Jimmy, Sarah and sister Ayao!

    • We agree completely with all CB said. May the Lord comfort, strengthen and guide you all, and give wisdom, compassion and guidance to the doctors. Continuing to pray for you every day.
      Scotty and Kathy B.

  4. Praying mightily for a mighty little man with a health challenge and a mighty big faith in our Lord. Also praying for Asher’s mom, dad, and all his wonderful friends.

  5. We serve an Awesome God and He is worthy of our praise! I praise Him today for causing this situation so that Asher’s tumor would be found. I praise Him for Asher’s caring and observant parents. I praise Him for the doctors wisdom. I will be praying for a quick recovery and for complete healing in Asher’s body. And I will pray that God gets all of the glory.

  6. God is so amazing, how he allows something to happen to reveal something to us! Thank you, Lord, for Asher!!! Heal him quickly.

  7. Prayers from Chicago for Asher and your family during this difficult time for a flawless surgery tomorrow and for a speedy recovery!

  8. Dear Heavenly Father, be with Asher during his surgery and help the doctors get all the cancer out of his little body. He needs you to wrap your arms around him and his family. Give them comfort and please allow him to have a quick recovery so he may get back to being his self again.

  9. Father God, please take care of this little boy, you are so awesome, we know that you will bring him peace and you will be there during this operation and you will have it be a success, I pray this little boy will be running around and doing what kids do real soon, Father I ask everything in Christ Jesus name Amen, sincerely Mr. Jimmy from Myakka City, Fl

  10. I had my kidney taken out when I was 5! Prayers for a quick recovery… I know it helped me to get lots of toys!;) lol

  11. We are praying for this little man! We thank you for sharing Asher’s story on your blog and Praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy…and for the doctor’s to find the tumor. Our hearts and prayers are with Asher and his amazing family.

  12. We prayed for Asher in church on Sunday and I’m sure we’re all praying for him individually. What a blessing that this was found as soon as it was. God be with your family and with Asher, all of our prayers for a quick and complete healing.

  13. Thinking and praying for you all. We will lift him as high as need be to the King for His blessing. May the healing be complete and glory be to our God. We will send word to Macedonia also to Matt and Sarah.

  14. May He send down the Holy Spirit to surround the medical team that they may rely on the expertise, education, skill and be filled with confidence. And may the Holy Spirit envelope Asher, his family and those who love and adore him that they may find hope, courage, patience and perseverance – a friend of Connie and John are sooo blessed ❤️

  15. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family and Asher is on my special prayer list! I am so grateful that our loving Heavenly Father is in control! Asher is a special little boy and has a wonderful family! God bless you all!!

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