The Weekend Project

Do you know how you have those moments of downtime on a weekend, and you say to yourself, “Well… WHAT could I paint?”

Yeah.  Me neither.

Like… ever.

Because do you know what I absolutely hate doing?  That would be painting.  I would, in fact, sign up to scrub the restrooms at a truck stop along the interstate before I signed up to paint someone’s living room walls.

I’m pretty certain that my dislike of painting walls also extends to an enormous dislike of ALL THINGS PAINTING.  The proof of this is that Hubs built me a gorgeous buffet cabinet for my birthday… two entire years ago… and it’s still sitting, all naked-wood-like, in my dining room, begging for someone to put a coat of paint on her.

I also had a very small cabinet in our home office, which was raw wood and needed to be spruced up with some Behr from a can.  Hubs did not built this cabinet; it was one of those I DECORATED MY HOUSE IN A COUNTRY MOTIF IN THE LATE ’90s sort of cabinets, that I bought downtown.

In 1996.

And we still have it, because apparently I can’t say goodbye to anything that no longer screams HIGH FASHION.

Also?  I think we should all just pause for a moment of silence to celebrate the fact that the late ’90s country decorating style passed away.

This is NOT my house… but it could have been.

In 1996.

I was ON POINT with the country decorating.  I apologize.



I’ve been hanging onto a little cabinet from the mid-’90s, because it was perfect for storing bedding in.

And then, recently, it was perfect for storing one thousand Matchbox cars in.  I’m not even kidding.  The sheets came out, and the Matchbox cars went in.

It’s because people complain all the time about crippling themselves by stepping on a Lego brick, but I’m here to tell you that a Matchbox truck can do more damage to the arch of your foot at midnight than ANY square piece of interlocking plastic could ever hope to do.

Yesterday, our Matchbox Car Cabinet (the MCC, if you will), looked exactly like this:

IMG_8467And then Hubs and the boy went to help some friends work on their truck’s engine, and Mam picked Thing 2 up to go grocery shopping, and I was alone in my house.


No one needed me to do anything for them.


… I went to the store, where I bought some orange paint.  I even bought a little roller, and then I came home, gave myself a pep talk about how I could muscle my way through any job, and I put four coats of paint on the MCC.

Tonight, it looks like this:

IMG_8472I know… I know.  If I’m not careful, this is going to turn into a home decorating blog!

The little paint card that I picked out led me to believe that I was going to end up with a cabinet in Denver Bronco orange.  I figured that this was a good choice, because I wanted something bright and cheery, and Hubs is opposed to covering wood with paint, but how on earth could he say no to a color that won the 50th Super Bowl?

That’s right.

He couldn’t.

In the end, though, the MCC looks like a cantaloupe.  Apparently, a one-inch square card that looks like bright orange will look more like a melon when you paint a cabinet with it.

No matter.  It’s done, and it’s bright, and it’s fairly sassy.

Now… I just have to give myself a giant pep talk to paint the big buffet cabinet that Hubs built for me.  I’m hoping to have it done before 2096.

Happy Sunday, y’all.



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