And Then Mom Said, “No Donuts.” And, “No Cookie Crisp Cereal.” Why Is Life So Hard When You’re 4?

You know it’s time to go to Walmart for ALL OF THE GROCERIES when you look into your refrigerator and pantry at 7:15 in the morning, and wonder if the boy could get by with a cold lunch of baking powder, stale pretzels and eight squirts of bright yellow mustard.


So, Thing 2 and I laid on the grenade today, and in we went.

In case you’re wondering how our trip was, I’ll let this picture speak a thousand words:

IMG_6029And that, people, is pretty much how I feel tonight.

Except I’m not busy begging for donuts, boxes of sugary cereal, and every candy bar at the checkout lane.  I’m fairly certain that’s the only difference between me… now… and Thing 2, as he endured our lengthy, big haul at the grocery store today.

Happy Monday.

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