Just A Giant Thank You For All Your Prayers

Y’all, listen to me.

This blog is a small, poorly-written, full-o’-the-grammatical-errors kind of blog, that gets visited by a few people every day.

You know, people like my mother.  She reads it, because I’m her firstborn and it’s her duty.  Never mind that I’ve crossed the threshold to forty; it’s still her job to clap and cheer for me like it’s the Super Bowl in everything I do.

I wrote a little post about our buddy, Asher, on Sunday night, because I wanted to snag eleven or twelve more prayers for him.  I figured my best friend from high school would read it and shout out, “PRAYING!” from her little neck of the woods.  And then… well… I was fairly certain that my friend, Lori, would read it from her house, which is a couple of states over from Small Town, USA, and holler, “I’M ON IT!  WE’RE PRAYING AT OUR HOUSE!”  That’s because Lori is a pastor’s wife, and it’s her job to pray for small children who have cancer.

I think that’s in the Pastor’s Wife Handbook.

And then?

Well, that little post on Asher got shared on Facebook, even though it never occurred to me to put it there.  A friend shared it… and then another friend shared it… and then a couple of strangers-to-me-but-who-know-Asher shared it… and then suddenly my blog counter went sky high.

I told Hubs this morning, “Can you even imagine all these blog hits?  If all of these people who stopped to read Asher’s story prayed for him… CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE HOW MANY MORE PRAYERS GOD HEARD FOR THAT BOY?!”  And then I got all teary-eyed and weepy, because PEOPLE!  The internet had been used for such a good purpose, and because I flat-out KNOW that Asher’s mama, Amber, would have been overwhelmed to know how many extra people were praying for her son.

Mamas are just like that.  We cheer for our kids, and we covet the prayers of others for them, too.

I asked Hubs, “Can my server survive all of these hits?”  It’s because Hubs owns a computer company, and computer servers are his job.

Hubs told me, “Honey, we could host NASA, if we had to.  We’ll keep up with all these prayers for Asher.”

So I just wanted to tell each and every single one of you… THANK YOU.  Thank you for praying for our six-year-old friend.  I know his mama and daddy (Amber and Paul) would like to thank you for your prayers, too.  I know that Amber would get teary-eyed and hug each one of you who prayed very tightly and whisper her thanks over and over; I know that Paul would take his cowboy hat off and shake your hands, and tell you in a choked up voice how thankful he was that you had taken the time to pray for his boy.

The update on the little man is that he cam through surgery yesterday quite well.  It was a long surgery, and listen:  I can’t even imagine how Amber and Paul held up in a waiting room all day, because I was here in Small Town, thousands of miles away from them, nervously waiting for word on how he did.

I imagine their day was filled with several cups of coffee in those flimsy, Styrofoam cups that waiting rooms tend to have.

I imagine they walked a lot of miles in the hallways.

But… Asher did well.

Amber sent everyone this note yesterday afternoon, after several long hours in surgery:

Doctor just came to visit with us. Surgery is finally done. Went long but well. They think everything was contained within the tumor and that the lymph nodes looked good. Pathology will confirm that one way or another but if it’s true, he is hopefully just stage one!! PTL!! He has the port because the tumor is indeed cancerous and still looks very very likely to be the Wilms tumor. Pathology will confirm that too. Report should be in late this week or early next week.

You guys… did you read that part about it likely being just stage one?!  Let’s keep praying for that!

And just look at this picture of him, before his surgery.  Isn’t he the cutest?  (Well, Amber already knows that her kids are ALMOST as cute as my two boys are!)

12801091_10208777119572283_6729823481774223249_nI’d say that any God who can have a boy named Joseph sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, and then turn that around for good by having that same boy grow to be a man who saves a nation during a famine, can cause a little six-year-old boy with cancer to fall off a bum calf in order to find a growing tumor early.

So… thank y’all for praying for him.  Amber said today that Asher has been in a lot of pain, and that his doctors are trying to help get that under control, so he can still use some prayers.  And his entire family could, too.  They’re exhausted and they’re scared; they haven’t slept much, and they’re halfway across our continent from their home; they have a long, weary road of chemotherapy ahead of them, but they know that God is in control, and that He works everything out for good.

Y’all have a merry Tuesday night.

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  1. Love, love, love you all…love your writing Tammy…you nailed all of it right down to the cheap cups we spent the day drinking too much coffee from. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough for everyone’s prayers…

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