Be Ye Not Afraid Of The Weed Eater… And Other Things You’ve Never Read

One evening last week, right before bedtime, Thing 2 asked me, “Do you want to hear my new Bible verse?”

Yes.  Yes, I really DID want to hear his new Bible verse.

IMG_9672He stood up, nice and straight, and very seriously said, “Do not be afraid of the weed eater, for I am God.”

Well, then.

I think I missed that verse, which I’m guessing would be in Exodus, but maybe it’ll offer our little man some comfort, as I’m sure it must’ve brought comfort to the Israelites.  If God told them not to be afraid, then surely that weed eater wasn’t going to start a thunderous sand storm to spinning, when Moses attempted to trim some weeds down in the desert.  Thing 2 and the weed eater have some serious issues with one another.  The lawn mower is his very best friend, and he BEGS to be old enough to use it; the weed eater sends him running for the safety of the garage, because THAT THING IS SERIOUSLY SCARY.

According to our kid, the weed eater is as scary as a plague of locusts would be.


… yesterday after Sunday School, I asked Thing 2 what he had learned in church.  Without missing a beat, he replied, “Well, we learned that Peter Pan was in prison, but God smashed the chains off, and he got out.  I didn’t even know Peter Pan was a player in the Bible, Mom.”

IMG_9670I’m going to give you two guesses as to WHO was more than likely pestering girls in Sunday School, instead of paying a whole lot of attention to the lessons.

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