Today, I’d like to try my hand at FASHION blogging.

In case anyone is looking for the hottest trends on the runways right now, I thought I’d show you some outfits that Thing 2 has been sporting, all summer long.


The summer.


We’ve been fielding calls from reps at Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Coco Chanel and Donna Karan since the end of May, when Thing 2’s new fashion movement began.  I blame his preschool teachers and their decision to hold Western Cowboy Days, right before preschool let out for summer break, for this newfound style.  The hand-me-down hat and boots had sat, untouched for months, in his closet, until Western Cowboy Days rolled around at school.

I also never want to forget these days… when the cowboy boots were predominantly on the wrong feet and the cowboy hat, which started out all shiny and new, became a beat-up and much-loved fashion accessory.

IMG_9019 IMG_9683 IMG_6289 IMG_6307 IMG_6309 IMG_6319 IMG_6367 IMG_1072 IMG_6424 IMG_6456 IMG_6460 IMG_6485 IMG_6596 IMG_6690 IMG_6924 IMG_7021 IMG_7035 IMG_7038 IMG_7093 IMG_7102 IMG_7271 IMG_7299I will honestly say that I am going to cry when we outgrow those little black and red cowboy boots.  They’re something that I will save, forever and ever, to always remind me of THIS summer.

I love this kid.

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