He’s A Big Kid Now


… THIS just happened…

img_2577We knew that it was coming.  We did.  We knew because the dentist told us at his checkup back in June, “So… his adult teeth on the bottom are THISCLOSE to popping through the gums; you’ll be losing a tooth this summer.”

We proved that man DEAD WRONG, because that little bottom tooth hung on until September 25th, which… technically… is fall.

Fall, y’all.  We lost that tooth in the season of sweatshirts and yellow leaves and football and soups in the crockpot and pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.

img_2576That little tooth there in the front, right down there on the bottom, was so incredibly loose, it was laying sideways.  Hubs and I guessed that it was held into place by luck and bubblegum.  Really, we can’t believe it stayed in as long as it did, but Mama was really hoping that the little stinker would make it until he turned five before he lost his first tooth.

Five seems like such an acceptable age to have the Tooth Fairy stop by, while FOUR AND A HALF seems a little young.

Okay!!  I’ll admit it!!  It seems a WHOLE LOT YOUNG for losing teeth, and this is not what I signed up for with the baby of the family.  What I signed up for with the baby is for him to be a baby a little longer.  I think it’s how all mothers feel about their very last baby.

When they lose teeth at four and a half, they start driving at seven.  I know how this GROWING UP STUFF works.

img_2579No matter.  The adult tooth is already halfway in, so it was time.  We were playing at a park this afternoon, when Thing 2 yelled down from the top of the slide, in his very prominent OUTDOOR VOICE, “Hey, Mom!  My tooth is gone!”  And, sure enough, it was.  Of course, this sent me into a frenzied search, looking for that tooth at the park… in the sand… where there are approximately four hundred trillion-gajillion miniature white rocks that look like TEETH.

I’m sorry to disappoint the Tooth Fairy, but we are missing the tooth.

Okay… I lied again.  It’s not the fairy I’m worried about disappointing.  It’s ME.  It’s me, because I’m sentimental and WE DON’T HAVE THE FIRST BABY TOOTH HE EVER LOST TO SHOVE IN A JAR AND SAVE UNTIL IT DECOMPOSES INTO WHITE DUST.  The honest truth is that I still have the jar with EVERY!! SINGLE!! ONE!! of the baby teeth that the boy ever lost.  We found it this summer, while we were cleaning his walk-in closet.  The boy and I opened the lid, and GROSS.  There were a bunch of crumbling little baby teeth.

Why do parents hang onto these things?

And why do their hearts ache with genuine pain when the first tooth is LOST and will never make it into the jar?


He’s four and a half.  And he’s missing a tooth.

And, in all honesty, the other little front tooth on the bottom is so wiggly, I’m placing bets that it won’t last another two weeks.

He’s a big kid now.

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