Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 is down in the books.

The boy went as a gangster from the 1920s.  Of course, none of his friends were dressing up for school today, because TOO COOL FOR THAT, but he wore the zoot suit for a birthday party – slash – murder mystery game – slash – costume-wearing event on Saturday night.

img_3406 img_3410Thing 2 was a Minjun Turtle.


I said MINJUN.  It’s because we’re four, and that’s how we pronounce NINJA right now, and Mama thinks it’s too cute to correct.  Also, I will bawl if anyone teaches him the proper pronunciation.  Our entire family now refers to the pizza-eating, crime-fighting creatures as THE TEENAGE MUTANT MINJUN TURTLES.

img_3415 img_3421img_3424Happy Halloween, y’all.  May your sugar crashes be small tonight.

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