Our Baby Can Make His Bed

Y’all, listen.

Our BABY wanted to help Hubs and me make our bed yesterday.  (And YES!  Typing “Hubs and me” is grammatically correct right there.  It really is!)  The only problem is that our BABY is not tall enough to reach our bed, so having him help make it would have involved  him needing to climb up on top of the bed… on top of all the covers that were being pulled tight and smoothed out… and that would have created a train wreck, as far as Bed Making 101 goes.

So I told Thing 2 that he could go make HIS bed.

And he did.

Hubs and I watched him, from the doorway of our bedroom.  He grabbed his little red blanket and spread it all out, and then he folded it up, just so, and placed it at the foot of his bed, just like he’s seen his mama do, time and time again.  Afterward, he took his little pillow and put it right where it needed to go.

He was so proud of himself!  He was STINKING PROUD of himself, and I almost cried, because this is our BABY!!  Our BABY just made his bed yesterday morning.

Of course I took a picture.

img_7728It doesn’t look quite like Mama does it.  I tend to put the airplane quilt on his bed, and I like to turn the airplane pillow RIGHT SIDE UP, so the airplane doesn’t look like it’s lost an engine and is about to begin a downward spiral that’s going to result in a fireball.  But I DO fold up our little man’s extra blanket and put it right at the foot of the bed.

Hubs and I (And yes… in this case it really IS “Hubs and I,” because I used to be an English major, y’all!) had to tell Thing 2 several times yesterday that he did an amazing job making his bed, because he did.


His mama was powerfully proud of his accomplishment!

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