Ear Tubes, Round Two

Well, I pretty much had a fun day, and it had nothing to do with the election results.  We played a game in PE today that involved loud, LOUD music over the sound system, with running and hula hoops.  We had a blast, and I ended up with several spontaneous dance parties on the side of the gym.  I had five second-grade girls belting out the lyrics to Fight Song with me, at the top of our lungs.  We’re all pretty certain that we’re ready for American Idol now, which is saying something, because singing has never been my spiritual gift.  However, with the speakers that hang from the gym ceiling playing music at a volume that’s usually reserved for basketball practice warmups, we got after it and sang our hearts out.  Plus, I found out that I’m fairly decent at backup singing for eight-year-olds.

At recess, I got right in the middle of the boys’ football game.  They awarded me the spot of quarterback, and I’m going to go ahead and brag:  My spiral throw was spot-on today!  Peyton Manning would have stood up and clapped, and asked me for advice on finger placement and wrist-flicking.  Plus, one of the second grade boys told me, “You throw awesome… FOR A GIRL!”  Considering that second grade boys do their very level best to stay away from girls, I chalked that up as one BIG compliment.  They all asked me to play football with them again tomorrow at recess, and there were even hints that I was the first-round draft choice.  I broke their hearts when I told them that I’m not at the school on Thursdays.

My PE classes were sweaty and happy, today.  I’m calling it a total Gym Day Win, which is good, considering that Hubs and the boy stayed up until 1 AM, watching election results, which is the exact time that they woke me AND Thing 2 up by using their OUTDOOR VOICES.  Do you know how happy the mama bear is at 1:00 in the morning, when she and the baby cub have been woken up?



Thankfully, Hubs made amends first thing this morning by making me a cup of coffee at 6:30, after I’d had to spend an hour and a half convincing Thing 2 that NO, SON, IT IS NOT MORNING, EVEN THOUGH THE LIVING ROOM LIGHTS AND THE TV WERE BOTH ON.  WE ARE NOT GETTING UP RIGHT NOW.  NO, WE ARE NOT HAVING BREAKFAST RIGHT NOW.  NO, YOU MAY NOT PLAY WITH YOUR TRAINS RIGHT NOW.


Our little man is heading into the hospital tomorrow for surgery.  He’s having his SECOND SET of tubes put in his ears, and getting his adenoids out, because that’s what we like to spend our money on, right before Christmas.  Hello, giant insurance deductible!  We meet again.

That little firecracker of ours is a blessing to us.  He keeps us hopping… keeps us laughing… keeps us dying our hair brown… with all of his antics, but sweet mercy!  We love him to the moon and beyond, times infinity.  And I tend to get a little nervous with the anesthesia, and the fact that OUR BABY IS HAVING SURGERY… AGAIN.

So… y’all are just more than welcome to say a prayer… or nineteen… for Thing 2 for us.  We are just asking Jesus to hold that little fellow’s hand during surgery and let everything go real nice-like.

Thanks.  We appreciate and covet your prayers.



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