The Young Jedi On Ice

It has been a busy day, that started with me shoveling snow off the patio at 6:30 this morning and pretty much ended with my mom handing us a Tupperware container full of ham and beans and saying, “Here’s a little something, so you don’t have to cook dinner tonight.”

In between those two things, there was recess duty in the 14 DEGREE WINDCHILL.  God bless Small Town, USA in the winter!

Since I don’t have enough mental strength left to write anything tonight, I will show y’all a video of Thing 2 ice skating.  Hubs and I took him to the rink for Open Skate at 2:30 yesterday, when everyone was still at work and school.  He lucked out and had the rink all to himself, with the exception of four kids who are homeschooled and were there to skate.

And yes.

You really CAN hear my four year old shouting HA, HA, HA!  YOU CAN’T CATCH ME! at those four kids.  Clearly, he thinks he’s Wayne Gretsky and can’t be caught on the ice.  He’s done Hubs’ heart proud.

The force is strong with this one.


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