Cussing On The Radio

Hubs picked Thing 2 up from school this afternoon, because I was subbing for a sick teacher in the 3rd grade at the little private Catholic school, where I teach PE.

(I had to teach 3rd grade science today.  I had to spend the entire afternoon recess, basically using a Cliffs Quick Review, to brush up on things like WHAT IS THE ACTUAL DEFINITION OF MATTER? and HELP ME REMEMBER THE TRUE DEFINITION OF MASS, PLEASE.  It was every bit as fun as you can imagine, if you’re imagining an old mom, quizzing herself frantically, without her afternoon iced coffee, before the four square games ended on the playground, and all the kids came back inside to me and the dry erase marker I had in my hand and science and everything I could tell them about mass and matter and atoms.)


Hubs dropped Thing 2 off at our little Catholic school with me, and then I took him home when I had finished.  On our car drive across town, Thing 2 said to me, “Mom, I heard a really bad word on the news on Dad’s car radio today.”

I said, “What?  People who read the news on the radio aren’t allowed to say bad words!”

“Well, this guy said a really bad word.”

“What did he say?”

“Do you want me to say the word out loud?”


“Will I get into trouble if I say it out loud?”

“Well… no.  I guess not.”

“Are you SURE I won’t get into trouble?  Because this is a bad word, and I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

“Okay!  I’m sure!  You won’t get into trouble.  I can’t imagine the man on the radio actually said a bad word.  What did he say?”

Thing 2 replied, “He said DEMOCRAT, Mom.  He cussed, and he said DEMOCRAT on the radio.”

I don’t even know what hashtags I should use, nor do I know which wine pairs well with this.  Would it be a red or a white wine for MY KID SAID “DEMOCRAT” OUT LOUD?

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