I’m just your typical mom.  I teach PE part time to a fun group of elementary school kids at a private Catholic school.  When I’m not doing that, I make an honest effort to keep up with the laundry, scrub the toothpaste splatters off of our bathroom sinks, mop a floor or two, dream up something ridiculously easy to make for dinner, and hang out with Hubs and our two boys.  I love Starbucks chai teas, Beth Moore Bible studies, reading, having coffee with my girlfriends, rainy days and cheesecake.

Hubs is the cutest computer geek I know.  He is very passionate about his Denver Broncos and his Colorado Avalanche, and he insists that YES!  They CAN hear his coaching instructions from our family room during televised games!  After twenty years of marriage, I still have a wicked crush on him; he’s my very best friend.

The boy is fifteen.  He likes golfing, swimming, Legos, chocolate, watermelon, hanging out with his friends, salt and vinegar potato chips, family movie nights, Nerf guns, fountain pens and antique typewriters.  When I started this blog, he was an avid Star Wars fan, who could recite every movie from start to finish without the DVD even running, and he could swing a mean lightsaber.  Hence… JEDI MAMA was picked as a title.

Thing 2 was our miracle baby.  Hubs and the boy and I adopted him the very day he was born — March 5, 2012.  He’s four now, and he likes swinging at the park, climbing walls, sugary suckers, cold ice cream, watermelon, waking up VERY EARLY, getting into our kitchen drawers, dancing, soccer, tractors, dump trucks, and loud, obnoxious toys that sing crazy songs.

We also have two domestic, short-haired cats.  We suspect that Cat 1 is part wolverine and part puma.  She takes her duties as a “watchdog” seriously, and has been known to draw blood on guests, which we feel terrible about.  Around us, she’s a sweetheart.  Cat 2 is a bit slower than most cats.  She licks walls.  She’s scared of her own shadow.  If a bird had her brain, he’d fly backwards.  And… we love her.

We also have three fish in a tank and a bunch of wild bunny rabbits and turkeys outside who call our front yard HOME.  (This may be because SOMEONE always throws her day-old bread off the deck for them to eat.)

Yes, we’re just a typical American family.  We love Jesus and our extended families, and we are blessed to have them all living right here in Small Town, USA with us.

Welcome to our family’s blog.



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  1. Thank you for hopping over for a visit. It’s great connecting with you!
    I’m a mom of one, too. I’m married to an amazing man, as well. I, also, stand amazed that He’d use me at all. We have a few similarities.
    Looking forward to getting better acquainted.

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